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How to Split Firewood with Less Strain: Experts at Log Splitters Direct offer six quick tips on how to split fire wood with significantly less effort.

Log Splitting Lesson

How to Split Firewood with Less Strain

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Log Splitting Lesson

Hey, Paul Bunyan!

Put down your axe. Sit on a stump. And, catch your breath.

There are tons of new tools available to take the strain out of cutting firewood.

Until real light sabers are invented, we'll demonstrate the next best things.

Don't worry. No trees were killed in creating this online guide.... Yet!

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STEP 1: Timmmmbbbbeerrrrr!

If you want to learn how to chop down a cherry tree, ask George Washington. He'll never tell a lie.

If you need a quality chain saw, our sister store - - will help you pick the perfect one.

Quickly measure the distance between logs
STEP 2: Measure & Mark

Instead of fumbling with an old fashioned tape measure and chalk, use a firewood marker to accurately measure the distance between logs.

Just insert a can of surveyor’s paint and roll it down the log. It will mark 16 inch cuts over and over and over…

Jack your log off the ground
Prop It Then Chop It

Don't dull your chain saw blade by cutting dirt.

Instead, just jack your logs off the ground with the Woodchuck.

You can also use it as a sawbuck, log roller, post/sapling puller and log carrier.

What's the Hurry?
STEP 4: Let 'Em Rot

Quality firewood needs to age like a good whiskey.

Set aside your logs and let them breathe. It's a lot easier to move and split seasoned logs missing their moisture.

Besides, green wood isn't going to burn anyway.

Log splitters will make splitting wood a breeze
STEP 5: Split That Wood

Now, it's time to fire up that log splitter.

If you don't have one yet, our interactive guide will help you pick the perfect log splitter for your wood pile.

Stack and store your wood with a firewood rack
STEP 6: Stack & Store

While your tree may be free, your firewood is valuable.

Protect your investment from insect infestations by keeping it neatly stacked off the ground with a firewood rack.

Better yet, keep it dry by getting a firewood rack with a built-in cover.

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Log Splitting Lesson - Find out How to Split Firewood with Less Strain. Our log splitter how-to library can help you pick the perfect electric log splitter, gas log splitter, 3-point hitch log splitter, skid steer log splitter or log splitter accessory.