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BULK PURCHASE PROGRAM: How to Buy Log Splitters at Near Wholesale Prices. Find the best-selling, top-rated, or expert recommended log splitters and buy them in bulk for the best price. Get huge discounts on log splitters by buying in bulk. Buying log splitters in bulk gets you near wholesale price, and we offer free shipping along with no sales tax on orders outside Illinois.

Bulk Purchase Program

How to Buy Log Splitters at Near Wholesale Prices

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Bulk Purchase Program

We love repeat customers. But, we really love customers who buy in bulk.

Instead of making multiple shipments, we can offer additional discounts to customers who want to buy in bulk and ship the order to a single destination.

If you are interested in purchasing FIVE or more log splitters, call our Bulk Purchase Hotline at
(630) 685-0020 for a special discount.

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Bulk Purchase Program - Find out How to Buy Log Splitters at Near Wholesale Prices. Our log splitter how-to library can help you pick the perfect electric log splitter, gas log splitter, 3-point hitch log splitter, skid steer log splitter or log splitter accessory.