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How to Select an Electric Log Splitter. Experts at Log Splitters Direct offers advice on choosing an electric log splitter. The article explains the differences between consumer, prosumer and professional electric log splitters.

Electric Log Splitters

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Wood Splitter

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Electric Log Splitters

The ultimate oxymoron: Eco-Friendly Log Splitter.

In theory, an electric log splitter won't pollute the Earth while splitting trees into firewood.

In reality, electric log splitters are more about saving yourself than the planet.

Why? Gas-powered log splitters emit deadly carbon monoxide gas. They MUST be used outside.

If you plan on splitting wood inside a barn or garage, electric log splitters are your best indoor option.

Electric log splitters come in three grades: Consumer, Prosumer and Professional.

Power Kraft Electric LogsplitterThese entry-level electric log splitters are ideal for the weekend warrior, who wants to split wood without the hassle of routine maintenance.

These inexpensive log splitters are truly plug and play. Simply plug it into an outlet and pull down the lever to start splitting seasoned logs up to 12 inches in diameter.

Consumer-grade electric models come equipped with small wheels to help maneuver around the shop. Plus, they're light enough to toss into the trunk and take to the lake house.

Ramsplitter Electric LogsplitterProsumer-grade electric log splitters aren't quite professional-grade, but definitely durable.

These mid-level log splitters can generate 16-tons of force, while being connected to an ordinary extension cord.

Best of all, since there are no fumes, it can be used inside a barn or stable away from the cold.

Prosumer-grade models are built on pivoting frames that can be towed around your yard with an ATV or pickup truck.

Ramsplitter Pro Electric LogsplitterYou won't find a professional-grade log splitter collecting dust at your local home improvement store.

These serious log splitters are built in limited quantities for log splitting professionals, who know how to turn ordinary trees into cold hard cash.

Professional-grade electric log splitters feature heavy-duty 3-HP electric motors, generating 20-tons of force to split tree trunks into tooth picks.

Don't expect to plug this into your wall outlet. The extra powerful motor requires a 240-Volt outlet with at least a 25-amp circuit breaker.

Finally, these high-end log splitters are made to move. They are built on road-worthy frames capable of traveling the back roads up to 35 miles per hour.

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