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Log Splitters Direct offers expert advice on choosing a tractor powered log splitter. These 16 to 20 ton splitters are ideal for people with wood burning stoves and furnaces, or those who want to sell fire wood.

3-Point Log Splitters

How to Pick the Perfect 3-Point Log Splitter

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3-Point Log Splitters

If you've already spent the money on a tractor, adding a 3-point log splitter can make the most of your investment.

Your tractor also makes it easier to move a large log splitter over rough terrain without the hassle of dragging a trailer.

Most units attach to the 3-point hitch on your tractor to make the most of the hydraulics you already own.

Splitter Style
Installed 3-Point Log Splitter
Several styles are available. There are horizontal units that work like a standard log splitter, but someone still has to lift logs onto the beam.

Vertical log splitters are better if you're splitting large logs as you won't have to struggle to lift them onto the splitter beam. Just push them under the wedge and watch your firewood supply multiply.

The best of both worlds allows you to split both ways. This lets you
split a variety of logs with ease.

PTO Tumbling Bar
If you've got the log splitter attached to your tractor already, why not utilize the power of that tractor? With PTO (power take off) capabilities, these 3-point splitters get their power from the drive shaft of the tractor.

Don't bother using gas twice, for your tractor and your splitter separately. Instead, just hook up the auxiliary components and attach a tumbling bar to harness the power of your tractor to
demolish large logs.

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