Introducing the Best Log Splitters of 2019

Introducing the Best Log Splitters of 2019

Log Splitters Direct Reveals 2019’s Top Wood Splitters

BOLINGBROOK, IL (September 26, 2019) - Just in time for autumn, Log Splitters Direct has announced its highly anticipated lists of the Best Log Splitters of 2019.

The online retailer currently lists almost 90 models of log splitters on its site, along with other firewood accessories. To date, it has published over 2,700 customer reviews of its products.

These reviews help generate its product rankings. Using customer feedback, Log Splitters Direct employs a proprietary algorithm to assign each item on the site a letter grade. That rating, which is updated in real time, allows shoppers to take a comprehensive look at the site’s most highly rated wood splitters.

“Log splitters are specialized pieces of equipment, so it’s not always easy for customers to find in-depth information,” says Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at Log Splitters Direct. “Our lists of the best splitters provide them with customer feedback along with expert product advice so that they have all the information they need to choose the right tool.”

According to Vogelsanger, three qualities make Log Splitters Direct’s 2019 lists the most accurate resource that shoppers will find:

1. Three Lists for Every Category
In order to provide customers with the information that each person finds most valuable, Log Splitters divides its top log splitters into three separate lists for each style of splitter:
  • Best-selling: products with the highest sales numbers
  • Top-rated: products with the most favorable reviews
  • Expert-recommended: products that the store sales expert recommends based on testing and customer feedback

“Sometimes customers want a product expert to recommend a log splitter. Other times, they want to trust other users’ experiences,” Vogelsanger explains. “With our lists, they have the option of doing both.”

2. Real-Time Updates
Although Log Splitters Direct announces its lists of the best log splitters annually, the information about each splitter is updated continuously throughout the year.

“We can offer our advice on the log splitters available each year, but customers constantly submit their reviews,” says Vogelsanger. “Because of that, it’s important that shoppers get the most up-to-date information possible. Our site lets them see that.”

3. Free Access
Unlike other online retail sites, Log Splitters Direct doesn’t require shoppers to sign up for any kind of subscription or email list to see to see its annual rankings. Instead, it makes the information available for free on its site throughout the year so that anyone can find the right log splitter whenever it’s convenient.

“People shop online because they want to find the best products for the best prices whenever they have time to shop,” Vogelsanger says. “By giving them access to all the info they need to choose the right splitter, we make shopping easier than ever.”

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