4-Way Log Splitter Wedge

4-Way Log Splitter Wedge

How to Split Fire Wood Twice as Fast

By  | Log Splitter Product Expert
By  | Log Splitter Product Expert

To burn well and to fit neatly into your fireplace or wood-burning stove, logs need to be split into quarters.

However, log splitters only come equipped with a single splitting wedge that will split a log into two halves. After that, you need to split the halves to make quarter pieces.

But thanks to 4-way wedges, you can literally cut your splitting time in half with a log splitter attachment that's easy to use.


Tips for Using a 4-Way Splitting Wedge

Boss 4-Way WedgeA 4-way wedge might be one of the most convenient attachments you'll ever use with a piece of power equipment. It basically slips over the existing wedge on your log splitter and divides logs into four pieces in just one motion.

Make sure you match your manufacturer to ensure a proper fit. Most manufacturers' log splitter accessories are proprietary, meaning that they work only with the same brand of equipment. Wedges are no exceptions!

Also, match the wedge to the force of your log splitter, which you'll find rated by tonnage.

Although you might find some 4-way wedges rated for splitters with force ratings as low as 10 tons, many wedges are designed for use with powerful, high tonnage splitters, whether gas-powered or powered by a tractor's PTO shaft.

Once you have one in place, though, you'll wonder why you didn't start saving time sooner.


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