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Quick, Easy, and Accurate Log Marking

How to Quickly Measure and Mark Firewood

By  | Log Splitter Product Expert

To cut a tree into evenly sized logs, you have to measure and mark the segments, then cut those segments with a chainsaw.

In the past, you'd use a yard stick to measure sections, then mark them by hand. The old way was exhausting and inaccurate.

Now, it's easier. The Mingo firewood marker lets you roll along while it measures and marks for you without stopping.


How a Firewood Marker Works

Various Sized Wheels Can Be Swapped OutThe Mingo Firewood Marker quickly and accurately marks the logs, resulting in less trimming and waste. Made from heavy-duty Lexan, the Mingo comes equipped with a 16-inch measuring wheel. Just insert a can of surveyor’s paint and roll it down the log. The Mingo will mark 16-inch cuts over and over.

If you'd like to measure a different length, additional wheels can be purchased separately for measuring 6", 12", 18" and 24" long.


Benefits of a Mingo Log Marker

log marked with MingoThis is one of the greatest logging tools around for several reasons. First off, it's efficient. You can mark 75 cords of wood with the Mingo before you run out of paint!

Unlike the variations in size associated with marking by hand, the Mingo will measure accurate increments every time. This means all of your logs will fit neatly on the rack when you're finished.

Cut your wood the right size the first time. Otherwise, you'll be sawing off the ends to fit your firewood into small spaces like wood stoves and wire fire pits. And firewood that properly fits your firebox will burn longer and cleaner.

If you've ever tried marking logs in the winter, snow likely gives you some trouble. However, the Mingo can apply the paint markings over any snow or ice still stuck to the log.

Finally, as an added bonus, it's also handy for marking fence or deck boards, planting locations or anything that needs to be uniformly spaced.

The Mingo is extremely difficult to find locally. However, the spray paint can be purchased separately at any neighborhood hardware store. Just look for the very popular inverted surveyors paint.


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