Best Electric Log Splitters

Best Electric Log Splitters

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Electric Log Splitters

Dale, the Log Splitter Expert
Log Splitter Expert

Itís hard to beat the convenience of electric log splitters for splitting small logs. Small and lightweight, these portable powerhouses can even be used inside a garage or shed. No need to work outside when winter comes roaring through!

Find the right one with the lists below of our best-selling, top-rated, and expert-recommended models.

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Top 10 Selling Electric Log Splitters

Top 10 Rated Electric Log Splitters

Recommended Electric Log Splitters

Top 5 Ton Electric Log Splitters
Boss Industrial 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter
This convenient electric model is strong enough to split logs the size most of us burn at home and light enough to easily be moved to different locations. At 110 lbs, this little splitter really packs a punch. Using 2,700 psi of hydraulic pressure ...
YARDMAX 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter W/ Stand & Tray
Simple and efficient is the best way to describe the YARDMAX YS0552. Great for anyone looking to easily split wood inside or out, the YS0552 provides 5 tons of splitting power and saves your energy and back from doing it by hand. Powered by a 15-...
Dirty Hand Tools 5-Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter
If you burn wood in your fireplace, fire pit, or chiminea, you will be amazed at how useful the Dirty Hand Tools 100481 5-ton electric log splitter is! The Dirty Hand Tools 100481 can be plugged into any household outlet, so you can work inside a ...
Top 7-10 Ton Electric Log Splitters
Boss Industrial 10-Ton Horizontal Dual-Action Electric Log Splitter
Having the ability to split logs as the wedge travels in both directions really speeds up this necessary chore. That, plus a one-handed operation lets you move through log piles much faster than with a standard one-direction splitter. Stacking ...
Boss Industrial 7-Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter
The Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-ton electric log splitter is a fun and powerful little splitter that still runs on a 15-amp 120-volt circuit. The 14-second cycle time gives you time to prep logs and move split logs out of the way. One-hand operation w...
Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter
The Powerhouse FX128-Z will split logs up to 20" long and 12" in diameter. The diameter may vary based on the type of wood and its moisture level (length of time it has been cut). When the weather turns cold, you can wheel it indoors and split in com...
Dale, the Log Splitter Expert
Log Splitter Expert
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