The Best Log Splitters of 2022

The Best Log Splitters of 2022

Best-Selling & Top-Rated Log Splitters

Dale, the Log Splitter Expert
Log Splitter Expert

The right log splitter separates a good cut from a great cut. That's why we've put together the Best Log Splitters of 2022 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect model for your needs.


If you're not sure what kind of log splitter you need, check out our Log Splitter Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.

Happy splitting! 


Best Log Splitters List

You can scroll through the full recommended list of gas, electric, 3-point, and skid steer log splitters below, or simply click on the one you want to see right away.

Best Gas Log Splitter

Learn More About YardMax YU2566
Expert Review
The YardMax YU2566 log splitter has all the features you would want in a splitter, and they are all standard! The YU2566 comes with a 7" 2-way splitting wedge, adjustable log cradles, a jack stand, a 2" trailer ball hitch and 16" D.O.T. approved road tires. It even comes filled with hydraulic fluid. This unit can be used in the horizontal or vertical position and will split logs up to 26" in length. The 4" hydraulic cylinder has a 9.7-second cycle time and is powered by a 2-stage 14 GPM oversized pump. The engine is a Briggs and Stratton 208cc 4-cycle with low oil shut-down and recoil start. Unique to YardMax is a spinner end plate that rotates the logs slightly to put less stress on the beam and make for an easier split. Also unique to YardMax is the U-beam construction of their main beam, which is significantly stronger than I-beam designs. A work table is available in 24" and 34" sizes as an option.
25-Ton Splitting Force
  • Built to perform in demanding applications
Vertical & Horizontal Splitting - For Logs Up To 26" in Length
  • Dual end cylinder support for equal weight distribution
  • Cylinder handle makes it easy to position the splitter
208cc Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle Gas Engine
  • Reliable and easy-to-start with plenty of torque
U-Beam Structural Design
  • Patent pending design is significantly stronger than typical I-Beam designs
  • Provides more durability and less stress over time
14-GPM 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump
  • Over-sized design, provides a cycle time of just 9.7 seconds

Best Electric Log Splitter

Learn More About Boss Industrial ES7T20
Was $699.99
Expert Review
The Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-ton electric log splitter is a fun and powerful little splitter that still runs on a 15-amp 120-volt circuit. The 14-second cycle time gives you time to prep logs and move split logs out of the way. One-hand operation works well when you are splitting logs without the help of others to position logs for you. A solid and sturdy structure that incorporates a handle and wheels, make transporting this unit a breeze. The ES7T20 also has the ability to have a 4-way wedge added, allowing you to split more logs in a shorter amount of time. It's very unlikely that you will have reason to use it but a two-year warranty is included with the splitter.
7 Tons Of Splitting Force
  • Strong 5-inch steel wedge
Durable 2 HP Electric Motor
  • Let's you work inside a garage or barn where it's warm
Needs a 15 amp circuit; uses a regular 3 prong household outlet
    Lightweight & Portable
    • Durable high density rubber wheels
    Automatic Ram Return
    • Goes back to starting position once lever is released
    • Makes jobs easier for one person
    • Easy push button electronic start
    • Fully assembled - no assembly required
    • Split logs up to 20.5" in length; up to 10" in diameter

    Best 3-Point Log Splitter

    Learn More About Boss Industrial 3PT16T21
    Product Discontinued
  • Easily split big logs up to 20" long
  • Split wood twice as fast - on forward & backward strokes
  • Attaches to a category 1 or category 2, 3-point hitch
  • Saves you time and increases your productivity
  • Uses your tractor's hydraulics to operate the cylinder
  • 3-Point Tractor Mounted Log Splitter
      Up To 16 Tons Of Splitting Force
      • Force varies depending on the tractor's oil flow
      Variable Cycle Time
      • 8 to 12 seconds depending on hydraulic pressure
      6-Inch High Carbon Steel Wedge
      • Make use of both the extend and retract stroke to make splits
      Innovative Design Splits In Both Directions
      • Recommended for 2 to 40 cords per season
      • 20.5" log opening on 5-1/2" heavy-duty formed steel beam

      Best Skid Steer Log Splitter

      Learn More About Black Splitter S2630
      Product Discontinued
      Black Splitter Hydaulic Skid Steer Wood Splitter
      • Also designed to fit all models of excavators up to 13,000 lbs.
      Utilized In Numerous Industries
      • Log splitting, firewood & wood fuel production, biomass harvesting,
      • Forestry, land clearing and landscaping
      Exceptional German Engineering & Robust Construction
      • Extremely high durability and reliability
      Robust & Compact Reversible 630cc Orbital Motor
      • Designed to withstand high axial and radial loads
      Unique Rotating Threaded Cone
      • Provides extremely efficient log splitting power, especially firewood processing

      Best Half Beam Log Splitter

      Learn More About YardMax YS2865
      Same Performance, Half The Beam
      • Compact design, immense 28-ton splitting force
      208cc Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle Gas Engine
      • Reliable and easy-to-start with plenty of torque
      Vertical AND Horizontal Splitting
      • Dual end cylinder support for equal weight distribution
      • Locks into place ensuring stable and safe operation
      • Easier to lift into vertical position than the full beam
      14-GPM 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump
      • Over-sized design, provides a cycle time of just 13.2 seconds
      • 4.0-Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir
      • Built-into wheel shaft with internal filter for added protection
      U-Beam Structural Design
      • Exclusive structural design dwarfs traditional I-Beam in strength
      • Provides more durability and less stress over time

      Best Kinetic Log Splitter

      Learn More About Power King PK0342
      Was $3,399.99
      Dependable Kohler Command Pro CH270 7HP 4-Cycle OHV Engine
      • Designed to weather the toughest, dirtiest conditions
      • Steel-forged crankshaft and cast iron cylinder extends engine life
      • Quad-Clean™ cyclonic air filter keeps harmful contaminants out
      Outsplit The Competition
      • Works up to six times quicker than most hydraulic splitters
      • Blistering fast 1-second ram speed and 3-second cycle time
      • Those precious seconds quickly add up when splitting cord after cord
      Low Maintenance
      • Don't worry about maintaining any leaky hoses, pumps, or valves
      • No more time or money wasted on sustaining the hydraulic fluid
      Auto Braking System (ABS)
      • Shuts down and restarts the system in the event of an overload
      • Prolongs the splitter's life and effectiveness of components over time
      Highly Capable
      • Split any type of log up to 21" long and 23" in diameter
      • Max flywheel RPM of 450 with a sprocket rate of 1:8

      Best Firewood Rack

      Learn More About Shelter Logic 90402
      Expert Review
      Our "Better" choice log rack has the capacity to hold up to 2/5 cord of firewood. It features an elevated steel frame that is powder coated to resist the elements, and uses a cover to keep the wood dry and out of the elements.
      Complete Wood Storage Rack And Cover In One
      • Keep wood off the ground, away from bugs, mold and rotting
      Easy Assembly
      • All steel frame rack with black powder coat finish
      • Holds 2/5 cord of wood
      Open Air Design
      • Delivers excellent ventilation
      • Perfect for seasoning firewood
      Waterproof Adjustable Cover
      • Adjusts to fit split wood up to 24-inches in diamter
      • Cover slides up and down to fit height of wood stack

      Best Stump Grinder

      Learn More About Power King PK0803V
      Was $1,999.99
      Kohler Command Pro 14HP Engine
      • Aggressive and powerful driving dual V-belts
      • Premium locking throttle
      Safety First
      • Slap stop palm button safety shut off
      • Pull latch rip cord safety shut off
      9 Tungsten Tough Blades
      • 12-inch diameter cutting wheel, 3.5-inches thick
      • Pulverizes stumps 10-inches above ground and 9-inches below ground
      • Disc drum brake for pivot cutting
      Dual Bolt Cutting Tools Keep Tight & Strong
      • Foot pegs included
      Welded Dual Lift Handles
      • Adjustable bow handle made of large pipe
      • Keeps you in stable, secure control

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      Dale, the Log Splitter Expert
      Log Splitter Expert
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