The Best Log Splitters of 2021

The Best Log Splitters of 2021

Best-Selling & Top-Rated Log Splitters

Dale, the Log Splitter Expert
Log Splitter Expert

The right log splitter separates a good cut from a great cut. That's why we've put together the Best Log Splitters of 2021 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect model for your needs.


If you're not sure what kind of log splitter you need, check out our Log Splitter Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.

Happy splitting! 


Best Log Splitters List

You can scroll through the full recommended list of gas, electric, 3-point, and skid steer log splitters below, or simply click on the one you want to see right away.

Best Gas Log Splitter

Learn More About Iron & Oak BHVH3716GX
Expert Review
The BHVH3716GX is a 37-ton horizontal / vertical professional grade log splitter from Iron & Oak. Because of its overall rugged construction, ample power, and easy portability, it is a favorite of rental yards everywhere. Powered by a Honda commercial-grade GX270 engine, it can easily split even the hardiest of logs. This unit uses a 3500-psi Barnes two-stage hydraulic pump connected by high-pressure hoses to a Cleavis 5" hydraulic cylinder with auto return. This gives this log splitter the 37-ton rating as well as a 14-second cycle time. The splitting is done by a 9" two-way carbon steel wedge running on a 6" reinforced I-beam. This unit will split up to 24" length logs. The Log Dislodging feature helps eject logs that stick to the wedge when retracting. A log cradle is included and mounted to the beam. For transporting, the splitter has a rubber torsion axle with 12" highway rated tires allowing a maximum towing speed of 55 mph. It has a heavy-duty crank down wheel jack, steel powder coated fenders and a 2" hitch. For on the road towing, D.O.T. trailer lighting is optional.
Split Wood In Horizontal Or Vertical Positions
  • Switch to vertical, save your back & roll large logs into place
  • Spring-loaded vertical and horizontal rail locks
Reliable Honda GX270 4-Cycle Gas Engine w/ Steel Tubing Guard
  • OHV design for increased smooth and optimal power transfer
  • Auto-Idle feature saves fuel and keeps the noise to a minimum
16 GPM, 2-Stage Barnes Hydraulic Pump (3500 PSI Max)
  • Clevis 24" x 5" cylinder produces 37-tons of splitting force
  • 12-Gal. system capacity provides a cycle time of 14 secs. w/ Auto Return
  • High-pressure hoses on both the pressure & return side
9" Carbon Steel Cutting Wedge & 6" Reinforced I-Beam w/ Log Cradle
  • Split logs up to 24" in length with ease (16" Diam. Max)
  • Keeps log at 34.5" working height after split, ready to be split again
  • Log Dislodger helps eject logs that stick to the slide wedge when retracting
Rubber Torsion Axle w/ 4.8" x 12" Highway Rated Tires & 2" Hitch
  • Heavy-duty crank down wheel-jack & 4-bolt trailer hubs (55 MPH Max)

Best Electric Log Splitter

Learn More About Boss Industrial ES7T20
Expert Review
The Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-ton electric log splitter is a fun and powerful little splitter that still runs on a 15-amp 120-volt circuit. The 14-second cycle time gives you time to prep logs and move split logs out of the way. One-hand operation works well when you are splitting logs without the help of others to position logs for you. A solid and sturdy structure that incorporates a handle and wheels, make transporting this unit a breeze. The ES7T20 also has the ability to have a 4-way wedge added, allowing you to split more logs in a shorter amount of time. It's very unlikely that you will have reason to use it but a two-year warranty is included with the splitter.
7 Tons Of Splitting Force
  • Strong 5-inch steel wedge
Durable 2 HP Electric Motor
  • Let's you work inside a garage or barn where it's warm
Needs a 15 amp circuit; uses a regular 3 prong household outlet
    Lightweight & Portable
    • Durable high density rubber wheels
    Automatic Ram Return
    • Goes back to starting position once lever is released
    • Makes jobs easier for one person
    • Easy push button electronic start
    • Fully assembled - no assembly required
    • Split logs up to 20.5" in length; up to 10" in diameter

    Best 3-Point Log Splitter

    Learn More About Brave Products TMH2015
    Expert Review
    If you are looking to get the most out of your tractor and a splitter at the same time, the TMH2015 from Brave Products is a great solution. With its innovative dual-splitting action, you are able to cut your time in half. The TMH2015 from Brave Products will split logs in both directions, making this one of the most efficient splitters on the market. The TMH2015 uses hooks up to category 1 3-point hitches and uses the tractor's hydraulics to power the splitter. By not having to wait for the ram to cycle back so you can split the next log, you now are able to be twice as efficient getting the same job done. Again, like most 3-point splitters, cycle times are going to vary depending on the amount of PSI and GPM you have going to the splitter from your hydraulic lines, but even with longer cycle times, you are still ultimately saving time by utilizing the dual splitting action.
    3-Point Tractor Mounted Log Splitter
    • Attaches to a category 1, 3-point hitch
    • Uses your tractor's hydraulics to operate the cylinder
    Innovative Design Splits In Both Directions
    • Saves you time and increases your productivity
    • Make use of both the extend and retract stroke to make splits
    • Split wood twice as fast - on forward & backward strokes
    Up To 20 Tons Of Splitting Force
    • Force varies depending on the tractor's hydraulic pressure
    Variable Cycle Time
    • 14 to 25 seconds depending on hydraulic pressure
    8-Inch High Carbon Steel Wedge
    • 24" log opening on 5-1/2" heavy-duty formed steel beam
    • Hydraulic hoses connecting log splitter to tractor are not included
    • 1/2" Male NPT Fittings required for valve connection
    • Recommended for 2 to 100 cords per season
    • 100 pound maximum log weight

    Best Skid Steer Log Splitter

    Learn More About Black Splitter S2630
    Black Splitter Hydaulic Skid Steer Wood Splitter
    • Also designed to fit all models of excavators up to 13,000 lbs.
    Utilized In Numerous Industries
    • Log splitting, firewood & wood fuel production, biomass harvesting,
    • Forestry, land clearing and landscaping
    Exceptional German Engineering & Robust Construction
    • Extremely high durability and reliability
    Robust & Compact Reversible 630cc Orbital Motor
    • Designed to withstand high axial and radial loads
    Unique Rotating Threaded Cone
    • Provides extremely efficient log splitting power, especially firewood processing

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    Dale, the Log Splitter Expert
    Log Splitter Expert
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